Korea Railroad Research Institute KRRI

W. B. Jang has over 35 years of extensive corporate and banking experience in various capacities at large business groups, a joint venture finance company and an international commercial bank and has specialized ability and responsibility in planning, management and financing, especially in the DPR Korea (“DPRK”) business.

At present, he is Representative of Korea Development Cooperation Research Institute, a research institute for inter-Korean development and cooperation, after retiring from Hyundai Asan Corporation, a DPRK business arm of Hyundai Group, under the leadership of Honorary Chairman, Chung Ju-Yung. He has worked for 13 years until year 2012 as Executive Vice President and Senior Vice President at Hyundai Asan. He was responsible for management tasks such as, planning and corporate financing, as the CFO/Head of Strategic Planning Division. He has also participated in the development of the various business projects in DPRK such as Kaesong Industrial Complex project and Mt. Kumgang Tourism project as the Head of Tourism and Economic Cooperative Business Division.

Until 1998, he was Managing Director of Kumho Business Group, in charge of supporting Group’s international financing, developing overseas projects in China and managing Asiana (HK) Finance Ltd., Hong Kong, a KoreaHK joint venture finance company established among Kumho Group, Wing Hang Bank, and Peregrine Investment Holdings in January 1995. For Kumho Group, he supervised and negotiated in obtaining project financing from International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) for Nanjing Tire Manufacturing Plant and private equity financing for Tianjin Tire Manufacturing Plant in China. Before expatriated to Hong Kong, he was Director of International Finance Team of Chairman’s Office of Kumho Group, and successfully completed the establishment of Asiana (HK) Finance.

In 1979, he started his working career with Korea Exchange Bank after finishing the military service as an R.O.T.C. officer. During his 12 years with Korea Exchange Bank, including 3 years in the New York Branch and Headquarters for Americas, he experienced various banking business such as economic analysis, planning and risk management, international banking, overseas branch planning. In July, 1991, he joined Kumho Group and started his corporate professional career.

He was granted Ph.D. degree in North Korean Economics with “Comparative Analysis between Kaesong Industrial Complex and China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park” from University of North Korean Studies, in Seoul and M.A. degree in Economics from Indiana University, Bloomington, U.S.A. and a B.A. degree in International Economics from Seoul National University.