Kathrin Amacker

Member of the SBB AG Executive Board and Head of Communication, SBB AG

Member of the Management Board of SBB AG and Head of Communications since 1 May 2013.

Dr. Kathrin Amacker is responsible for brand management, the dialogue with stakeholders and partners, regulation and policy, internal and external communication and sustainability management.

Previously Dr. Kathrin Amacker was Head of Corporate Communications at Swisscom AG and a member of the Executive Board of the Telecom company.

At the beginning of her professional career Kathrin Amacker worked for Novartis as a Project manager in technical areas as well as in human resources management.

She was also active in social partnership and politics, and served as a Member of Parliament (CVP).


“As a sustainable mobility service provider, we see it as our responsibility to make a contribution to achieving the UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals”. Above all, we want to be part of the solution to climate protection and the energy revolution. After all, rapid and far-reaching changes are needed in the way we move and how we produce energy in order to leave behind a Switzerland with a high quality of life for future generations.”