Bashar Al Malik

CEO, Saudi Railway Company “SAR“

Доктор Башар АльМалик является генеральным директором Саудовской железнодорожной компании (SAR). АльМалик – менеджер и инженер с более чем 19-летним опытом в управлении ключевыми портфелями некоторых из крупнейших многомиллиардных проектов саудовских риалов в транспортном секторе. До прихода в SAR он был вице-президентом Саудовской железнодорожной организации (SRO). Доктор АльМалик получил степень бакалавра в области гражданского строительства в Саудовской Аравии, а также степень магистра и доктора наук в области управления строительством и инженерно-геологического и транспортного проектирования в США.

As a CEO of Saudi Railway Company, the owner of all Saudi railway’s infrastructure and operational assets between cities, in addition to operating and managing those assets. He introduced Passenger Services for first time in the North-South network. Created history by inaugurating the Haramain Highspeed Project; first of its kind in the region. He was also able to propel annual average growth in revenues of 17% during the past 2 years.

Throughout his professional career, he has gained extensive experience in the governmental, private, and academic sectors. In the governmental sector, he held several positions in the design and land transportation departments, eventually working his way up to the become Traffic & Safety Manager in the Saudi Ministry of Transport.

He lectured between 2006 and 2010 in several subjects as a part time professor at the Civil Engineering Department at the King Saud University in Riyadh.

Dr. AlMalik also worked for SAR during the period of 2011-2016. He initially joined the company as a Civil & Track Work Manager and was subsequently promoted to the position of Projects Director.

He has a proven track record of handling complex infrastructure projects throughout the project lifecycle starting from inception to all the way to completion. These projects varied in value but were mostly multibillion Saudi Riyals’ mega projects involving multiple stakeholders.

Dr. AlMalik has authored several publications relevant to the transportation sector and is also a board member of the first railway academy in the region (SRP).