Alexander Kainer

Partner, Deloitte Consulting

Alexander has over 20 years of international experience advising infrastructure and manufacturing companies. He devotes himself to advise leaders how to pinpoint and prepare strategic decisions. During his consulting activities in Western and Eastern Europe, CIS and Asia he gathered a broad and personal perspective on region-specific needs and implications for the development of operating models for corporations and investors to promote the new Silk-Road.

His main interest is to advise companies with long-term horizon in an economically meaningful direction, to prepare product-portfolios and conduct location decisions for major production facilities.

During the last four years he was able to do a deep dive into the Silk-Road subject by advising on the “Broad Gauge” topic. In his work his main motivation was the communication of strategic fundamentals (trade volume, quality of transport routes, demand in Asia, …) to underline the need for closer cooperation and improved infrastructure.